Now through Monday August 5 2024

Double-Decker @ Bear Naked Growler, 186 River St in Montpelier VT

Every Tuesday—at 3pm, 5pm, & 7pm—three cards per week are drawn blind from a secured, random-order, standard deck of 52 playing cards. Try to guess, in suit & number, what the very last card drawn in the game will be! Place as many $5 bets as you like, as frequently as you like, on any (or as many) cards as you like. Winner(s) will be drawn raffle style from the pool of bettors who have wagered on the correct card: The more you bet, the better your chances, and the bigger the pot & prizes!, 802-223-1755,

From Thursday June 20 2024 to Sunday September 22 2024

Summer-Long 'Used Art' Treasure Hunt: S.L.U.A.T.H. (Annually)

Wherever you may be, spend your summer scavenging through boot, estate, garage, jumble, moving, rummage, tag, & yard sales; bazaars; flea markets; roadside free piles; swap meets; whole-house cleanouts; etc to find the best work of art at the best price. Both "best"s are subjective. After summer's over, art will be exhibited in a cohesive show at Espresso Bueno in Barre VT, and many pieces will be up for auction. S.L.U.A.T.H. has a reputation for being an engrossing challenge.

The S.L.U.A.T.H. Guidelines,

Saturday November 23 2024 @ 5:00pm

WORST. SONG. EVER. @ The Canadian Club, 414 E Montpelier Rd in Barre VT (Stupid-Spreader Event)

WORST. SONG. EVER. is a just-for-fun live music competition open to any level of 'talent.' Whether you are a musician, hobbyist, or hack: SIGN. UP. NOW. Then take the stage to cover your least favorite song, from any era, in any way you like! Perform solo or with others/in a band; a cappella or accompanied; (but absolutely no karaoke, song parodies, or original compositions). The audience votes for their favorite dumpster fires & trainwrecks, and awards the WORST. TROPHIES. EVER. Shot out of a cannon & guaranteed to make your head explode!,

Saturday February 15 2025 @ 9:00am

The Hunger Mountain Climb @ the Rumney Memorial School, 433 Shady Rill Rd in Middlesex VT (Annually)

In its nearly 50-year history, nothing has ever canceled this event: Not snowstorms, not bare ground, not pandemics. Bring things to snack on & sip on, and a shot of brandy is offered to adults at the summit. Young children, dogs, & the person lugging the brandy all routinely summit, but people go at their own pace, as far as they like, & turn around when they like: You do not have to go all the way to the top (unless you really want the brandy). If you wear snow pants, you can slide down on the descent here & there, which is great fun!

The Hunger Mountain Climb,